Best gardens to visit in Auckland

Here’s a list of the best gardens to visit in Auckland.

Please note some of the best gardens to visit in Auckland are private, so an appointment may be necessary before visiting. There may also be a charge to visit these private Auckland gardens.

Auckland gardens open to visitors

Auckland Botanic Gardens are a “must visit” for gardening enthusiasts.

Auckland Botanic Gardens.

General information:
Open. Dawn – dusk, all year.
This is in the top 5 best gardens to visit in Auckland. They are publicly owned by the Auckland Regional Authority.
Over 65 hectares including 10 hectares of native forest – an important remnant in the Ak area.
It has a capacity for capacity for large group sizes. Recommended minimum visit time of 3 hours. Best to visit in Summer, Autumn, Spring.

Started in 1973 on gently sloping farmland. Development is continuing with new features being added. The area has a wide variety of plant collections, from temperate to sub-tropical regions in their own separate areas.
The native plant collections concentrate on plants naturally occurring in the northern parts of New Zealand, including an area with threatened and near extinct plants. The South African area is fascinating with protea, erica, bulbs and succulents.
There is also a substantial collection of succulents and cacti in the rock area, where a large Aloe barbarae (syn.bainsesii) is a feature.
Other collections in these Auckland gardens include the salvia, camellia, magnolia and rose families while the herb and the edible area are always popular with visitors.
Two notable collections are – palms, including the native nikau. While descendants of plants that once lived in the ancient southern continent of Gondwana, may be seen, including cycads and related sub-tropical plants that are becoming established in the nearby Gondwana Arboretum.
There are also: a coastal, alpine , cottage, edible, formal, Herb , and Rose gardens. Herbaceous borders, sculpture, water features, and wetland.

Facilities and Amenities:
It best to enter at the Hill Road entrance, where there following are available: A brochure/map at the Information Centre, bus/coach & car parking, Cafe near entrance, plant Sales, seating , toilets , tour guide(s) , wheelchair access. Children are welcome, and picnics are allowed.

102 Hill Road
South Ak.

Auckland Domain Wintergardens.

Auckland gardens to visit

The Auckland Domain Winter gardens are a year round attraction with shelter from the rain in the glass house.


General information:
Publicly owned by the Ak City Council.
Opening Hours: 1 April – 31 October Monday to Sunday (9am – 4.30pm) 1 November – 31 March Monday to Saturday (9am – 5.30pm) and Sunday (9am – 7.30pm)
Capacity for group sizes 20 plus.
Recommended visit of 1 hour or less.
Best to visit in Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

Description: One of the top 5 best gardens to visit in Auckland.
It was designed in the 1920s in the style of the famous English partnership of Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jeckyll.
Displays an interesting seasonal succession of in each of the two barrel vaulted Victorian style glass houses which face out on to an large paved courtyard and sunken pool water feature. One house has heating and exhibits tropical and heat loving plants. While the other displays temperate plants in season.
Pergolas festooned with showy climbers, link the two structures framing the formal design.
A collection of native New Zealand ferns grow in a sunken area at the side between the two glasshouses.

Facilities and amenities available:
Brochure/map , bus/coach & car parking, seating, toilets,Cafe nearby. Children welcome, picnics allowed, wheelchair access.

20 Park Road
Ak City Region


General information:
Privately owned
Larger than 10 acres, ( 4 hectares ).
Has a capacity for group sizes greater than 20.
Appointments are required.
Recommended 2 hours to visit.
Best to visit in Summer, Autumn, Spring.

Opening Hours All year by appointment mon- fri. Closed Sun.

One of the top 5 best gardens to visit in Auckland. More than 40 years from a bare site, this Auckland garden is close to maturity.
Situated in gently sloping land east of Ak city.
It is has sweeping lawns and informal, but detailed plantings with ponds and waterways.
A feature is a the use of colour in the ‘Lurid Border’, where ‘hot’ colours are used to great effect and else where old roses, clematis and perennials provide a romantic style.
The owner has successfully managed to have some plant providing horticultural interest every week of the year. The almost subtropical climate allows exotic plants such as Petrea, Alocasia, Bromeliads, Vireya Rhododendrons and Ficus dammaropsis from New Guinea to proliferate.
Trees and shrubs provide a backdrop for roses, perennials, bulbs and grasses while plants native of New Zealand are prominent.
A wild flower meadow is at its best in early summer.
Below the garden there is a large wetland area connecting the garden to the waters of the Hauraki Gulf.
Also herbaceous borders, a plant nursery, coastal, informal, pergola, rose, scented, water, and woodland, wetland, and water features.

Facilities and amenities:
A brochure/map, bus/coach, and car parking, seating ,toilets, tour guide(s), plant sales, picnics allowed.

125 Potts Rd
Whitford5 km North East of Whitford

Directions: From Whitford travel 2.5 k. turn left into Clifton Road, 1.5 k. veer left into Potts Road, Ayrlies Garden is 1.5 km on the right.

Brick Bay Sculpture Trail.

General information:
An easy one-hour trip from Ak City.
The Trail is open everyday.

Children must be supervised by one adult per two children.
Trail Passes include a trail map which lists the works on display.

Guide dogs are permitted, however no pets are allowed as there is livestock and abundant bird life.

Description :
The Brick Bay Sculpture Trail near Snell’s Beach, displays contemporary sculpture by established and emerging artists. Set in a rural background with Brick Bay Vineyard, native bush, pasture and a pond.
A 2km sculpture trail takes you around a large pond, through native bush with a changing exhibition of 25 to 30 works of sculpture carefully positioned. It can be easily traversed in less than an hour by most people. All sculptures are for sale so exhibits change as works are sold.
The structural centre piece of this attraction is the Glass House. It houses a tastefully decorated cafe with food and Brick Bay Wines available to enjoy while you savor the relaxing environment. It also contains a resource centre where you can browse through art publication and the Brick Bay Sculpture archive.
The plan is that the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail will attract visitors on their way to or from the other attractions already in the area such as the Matakana Village Farmers Market, and other sculpture projects, art galleries and vineyard tasting establishments.

Facilities and amenities:
Bus/coach, and car parking, seating ,toilets,cafe.

Location & contact:
Brick Bay Sculpture Trail
Arabella Lane (off Mahurangi East Road)
RD2 Warkworth
Take SH1 north from Auckland to Warkworth. Turn right at the second set of traffic lights, then take the second turn right Marked Sandspit/Snells Beach. After you see a ‘Welcome to Snells Beach’ sign, in front of a picturesque view out to sea. There is a brown sign on the left saying Brick Bay Winery and Sculpture Trail. Turn left into Arabella Lane.Then turn left at the sign saying ‘Brick Bay Wines and Sculpture Trail’.

Cornwall Park & One Tree Hill Domain.

General information:
Opening Hours All year – dawn to dusk.The park is open 7.00 am to dusk every day.
Closing times change according to the seasonal changes to daylight saving.
Check for updates.
Signs at the various gates in the park display the closing time.
Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill Domain is publicly owned and managed for the recreation and enjoyment of all visitors, with capacity for group sizes of 20 plus.
Recommended visit of 3 hours.
Best to visit in Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

Cornwall Park surrounds One Tree Hill a volcanic cone that was occupied by a Maori fortification (pa) in the early 1700’s and probably earlier than that, features of which can still be seen. It is accessible either from Greenlane Rd, Manukau Rd or Campbell Rd, in the suburbs of Auckland.
The Park contains many volcanic and archaeological features that can be seen today.
The Park’s donor, Sir John Logan Campbell, is buried on the summit alongside the obelisk.
The Park is known for its design that incorporates open grasslands grazed by sheep and cattle, specimen trees line many roads, magnificent mature trees which enhance the grassy slopes below the cone.
It also has a range of passive recreational facilities, with many interesting geological and archaeological features.The park’s donor, Sir John Logan Campbell, is buried on the summit beside the obelisk.

Facilities and amenities available:
Children welcome, wheelchair access, dogs welcome (on leash).
Lunches available and morning/afternoon refreshments available at the restaurant or kiosk between the Greenlane entrance and the One Tree Hill lookout.
Children’s play area near the Stardome at the Manukau road entrance.
The garden features an arboretum, bedding displays, glasshouse, cottage garden, fern garden, formal, Plant nursery, informal, native plants, and water feature.

Location & contact:
Auckland City.

Directions: Leave the motorway at Greenlane. Follow Greenlane Road to main entrance on left after two sets of traffic lights.

While at the One Tree Hill Domain consider visiting the Stardome Observatory and planetarium that is located in the One Tree Hill Domain near the Manukau Road entrance.
They have many public sessions during the day and evening. Entry charges apply.
For further information visit


General information:
Hours Winter Hours 9:00 am – 4:00 pm – 1st May-31st August
Summer Hours: 9:00 am -4:30 pm – 1st September-30th April
A publicly owned property with capacity for group sizes of 20 plus.
Recommended visit of 2 hours.
Best to visit in spring, summer, autumn.

Description: This is among the best gardens to visit in Auckland because it shows how a quarry can be re-rehabilitated.
It’s about five acres in size and is only a few minutes drive from downtown Ak.It is built in a abandoned scoria quarry, that had become overgrown. In 1964 a group of volunteers began to transform the site into a lush garden of splendor and interest. It features one of the largest collections of camellias in the Southern Hemisphere, also Hibiscus, Bromeliad, palms,conifers and deciduous trees – maples, magnolias and cherries.Azalea and Rhododendron including Vireya are also planted and some flowers can be found in most of the year.
Between the shrubs a range of low growing perennials cover the ground including, – winter roses, Hostas, ferns, Clivia and Huechera. Specimens of native trees and shrubs are located throughout. Also sculpture and water featuresare present.The landforms enhance the appeal of this oasis. Around the edge of the former quarry, in places the paths become steeper and climb to the highest point. Where views over the city and to the Hauraki Gulf can be enjoyed.

Facilities and amenities available:
Car/bus/coach parking is available on the adjacent road, seating, toilets, tour guide(s), picnics allowed, brochure/map available, children welcome, conference facilities, dogs welcome (on leash), plant sales, product sales, wheelchair access. Devonshire teas, with freshly-baked scones, strawberry jam and cream, plus a delectable variety of club sandwiches, paninis, delicious quiches, and home-made pies, plus an assortment of salads, cakes and pastries, including a selection of gluten-free foods are available all year at the on site cafe.

Location & contact:
24 Omana Avenue
Auckland City

Fernglen Native Plant Garden.

General information:
Opening Hours Dawn – dusk, all year round.
This best garden to visit in Auckland are publicly owned with a capacity for group sizes 20 plus.
Recommended visit of 2 hours.
Best to visit in spring, summer, autumn.

Fernglen, is located in the North Shore’s suburbs,and is about 4 hectares of native bush.
Purchased Frank Fisher in July 1888.The property was a mix of native bush and scrub land. Some scrub land was cleared for growing market crops and grazing, and the native bush area was inter planted with pohutukawa, rimu and kahikatea in the early 1920s.
Frank Fisher was a skilled propagator and passed on his knowledge to his son Bill.
Bill Fisher met Muriel and were married in 1952, and Muriel came to live at Fernglen.
The Fishers nurtured the bush, and added many species to it.Bill’s first love was ferns, while Muriels was alpines and hebes. She had an idea of creating a plant museum like Otari, so in the late 1950’s they began bringing scoria, rocks, and peat onto the property.
They exchanged information and plant material with other enthusiasts, obtaining many specimens from Otari, and swapped northern species for southern species. Many days were spent on expeditions to collect stock for their collection.
Muriel and Bill started a nursery at Fernglen that remained viable until 1987 when Bill died. Muriel then found the maintenance too much for her so, partially gifted the property to the former Birkenhead City Council in 1989 (now the North Shore City Council). It was opened to the public on 28 September 1991.
There are many superb specimens to be seen in the reserve such as a 300 year old rimu, a wonderful mass of the NZ begonia ( Elatostema) and Prince of Wales ferns (Leptopteris superba). There is also a number of alpines plants rarely seen, so far north – Aciphylla,Celmisia, NZ edelweiss, Ourisia, Raoulia and ten different species of the unusual grass tree, the Dracophyllum genus.The off shore island collections are interesting including plants rare in the wild such as Elengamita, Xeronema, Tecomanthe and Cordyline kaspar.

Facilities and amenities:
Car/bus/coach parking is available on the adjacent road. Brochure/map seating, toilets, available, children welcome.
There may be someone living in the house on site.

Location & contact:
36 Kauri Road
North Shore City.

Government House.

General information:
More than 5 hectares in size. This Auckland garden is publicly owned by the NZ Government.
With a capacity for group sizes of 20 plus.
Appointment required.
Recommended visit of 2 hours.
Best to visit in Spring, summer.
Opening Hours – By appointment.

Description: This is one of the best gardens to visit in Auckland because of it’s historic heritage.
The garden at Government House, is a national treasure that includes historic, native bush, fern, Woodland, formal, and informal plantings.
This planting has survived from an era when many large estates had landscaped grounds.
Most centrally located properties of this size, have either been subdivided, or become public parks.
Some of the trees date from the 1870s, making them among the oldest in the country.
The garden retains the original lava outcrops.
The house was built in 1921 by Sir Frank and Lady Mappin, who spent 45 years developing the garden into what can be seen today.
The Mappins generously gifted the house and grounds to the crown in 1966 for use as a vice-regal residence.
Maintenance and development of the property is under the direction of as management plan and a garden committee.
Management goals are to conserve its historical, botanical and design values.

Facilities and amenities:
Brochure/map, car parking on adjacent Road.
Toilets,tour guide(s), wheelchair access, picnics allowed.
It’s best to park on Savannah Road, which is off Omana Ave, off Mountain Road. Between Eden Garden and Government House Garden, where there is a car park. Then you can visit both Eden and Government gardens, within walking distance.

119 Mountain Road
Ak City.


General information: Highwic is one of three house museums owned and operated by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust in Ak.
Highwic also offers a function venue with a capacity for group sizes fo 20 plus.
The 1.1 hectare property has a splendidly preserved ‘Carpenter Gothic’-style building.
Opening Hours Open Wednesday to Sunday (except Christmas Day & Good Friday) 10.30 am to 12.00 noon and 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Recommended visit of 1 hour or less.
Best to visit in spring, summer, & autumn.

The trees around Highwic date from the 1860’s and provide screening from outside providing an oasis from busy nearby activity. Many are nearly as old as the house, including pines under planted with clivias. Norfolk pines tower over the croquet lawn and front entrance.
Mature camellias border the pathway down the drive, with an ivy and South African bulb under planting.
The landscape design was created by Andrew Jackson Downing, an American architect and landscape designer.
The original Victorian garden beds are still visible in a hedged, circular area with narrow curving pathways. An Echevaria edged border outlines the former tennis court.There is also a rose collection.
Nearby is the Billiard room where groups can pre booked to enjoy morning or afternoon tea. A fern house features many varieties of indigenous ferns.

Facilities and amenities :
Brochure/map , bus/coach car parking, seating, toilets, tour guide(s) available, picnics allowed,children welcome,conference facilities, dogs welcome if on a leash, wheelchair access.

Location & contact:
40 Gillies Avenue
Ak City.
Highwic is a short walk up Mortimer Pass from bus stops outside the 227 shopping complex in Newmarket and a ten minute walk from the Newmarket train Station. Take a Link Bus from the CBD, or a train from Britomart to Newmarket.
Highwic has two entrances. The recommended vehicle entry is from Mortimer Pass which runs one way from Gillies Ave down to Broadway, Newmarket.
The Gillies Ave entrance is directly opposite the Gillies Ave motorway off ramp.

Joy Plants.

General information:
More than 5 hectares of private property with a capacity for group sizes of 20 plus.
Appointments required.
Recommended visit of 2 hours.

Opening Hours 9 am – 4.30 pm Mon – Fri. 9 a.m. – 12.00 on saturdays by appointment. Closed Sundays and all public holidays.
Large groups must book in advance for a garden tour.
Best to visit in spring, but there is something of interest to see in summer and autumn, and winter.

Description: This is one of the best gardens to visit in Auckland because it’s a working nursery where you can see what an  ethusastic familly can achieve. Joy Plants is an establishing working garden developing under an grove of native trees – totara, puriri and titoki. A large variety of, Sun and shade tolerant, rare and unusual plants,from all corners of the world thrive with the Hatch families’ attention. They have planted many rare native trees here to protect those endangered in the wild. As plant breeders they have specialized in many genera both native and exotic. Specialising in South African flora Their breeding program has resulted in an increasing colour range of Clivias, and Helelbores.
The property includes informal herbaceous borders, native bush, water features, water and Woodland gardens.
The way to Joy Plants Garden lies through the nursery, where many plants are available for sale.

Facilities and amenities:
Bus/Coach, car parking,seating, toilets, tour guide available, plant nursery.

Location & contact:
78 Jericho Road

Michael Joseph Savage Memorial.

General information:
Publicly owned and managed by Auckland City Council.
Bastion Point is open from 6.30am-9pm daily.
The car park is closed after dark.
Entrance fee- None
No dogs allowed.

Description: this is one of the best gardens to visit in Auckland because of it’s promiant location and panoramic views of the Hauraki Gulf.
A memorial to the first Labour Prime Minister of New Zealand and the founder of the Welfare State, it offers panoramic views and is adjacent to the Ngati Whatua papakainga. It includes a memorial obelisk that is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a reflective pool with hedges and flower-beds, drinking fountain, and public toilets.The gardens are formal in style, with extensive plantings, and have fine views to Rangitoto Island.As well as some fine pohutukawa trees.

19 Hapimana Street (next to Bastion Point), Orakei, Auckland
The Michael Joseph Savage Memorial is located above the Tamaki Drive.
Take Hapimana Street, off Tamaki Drive between Orakei Wharf and Mission Bay.
Michael Joseph Savage Memorial can also be accessed via a walkway from the western end of Mission Bay.

Mincher garden.

General information:
A privately owned property of about 5 hectares, with capacity for group sizes of 20 plus.
Appointments required.
Recommended visit of 2 hours.
Best to visit in spring, summer, autumn.

Opening Hours All year by appointment
Lunches and morning/afternoon teas are available by prior arrangement for groups of ten or more people.

Description: This is one of the best gardens to visit in Auckland because of the range of features it has.
A Georgian style home is the centrepiece of this rural property, with the remnants of an old orchard. Behind the house is the formal area with twin herbaceous borders. On one side is a cottage garden and path that leads to a ‘kissing gate’, under weeping willows. Beyond there is four hectares of native walkways, large grassed areas. Also includes plantings of cherries, Rhododendron, Camellia and Acer, with a traditional walled kitchen garden, gardener’s cottage and Victorian like glasshouses.
A backdrop of Northland podocarp bush adds quality to Mincher. The stream is a feature throughout with platforms dotted along the northern boundary to allow viewing of the water and bush beyond.
Includes formal, informal, wetland, woodland, and water plantings.

Facilities and amenities:
Brochure/map , bus/coach and car parking, seating, toilets,tour guide(s), wheelchair access, plants and products for sale.

338 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway
Coatesville, Albany
20 km North of Auckland City.
Take SH 1 north, or from north take SH 1 south towards Ak, turn off at the Otea Valley Rd/Nth Harbour Stadium (SH29) exit.
Turn right at lights, go through Albany village , then 3km north of Albany near the top of the hill, turn left after petrol station, onto Highway 28. Mincher is 3.4 km along the Coatesville-Riverhead Highway on the right.

Nancy Steen Rose Garden.

General information:
Publicly owned and managed by the Ak City Council.
Open- Daily during daylight hours
Entrance fee- None.
The garden is at it’s best in early summer.

Adjacent to the Parnell Rose Garden, the Nancy Steen Rose Garden is a tribute to Mrs Nancy Steen who fostered the preservation and cultivation of heritage and species roses. The garden has Over 200 of the heritage and species roses she collected over her life, including some quite uncommon varieties.
Most classes of old rose varieties are present, giving those interested in old roses, a chance to see different varieties of heritage roses growing and to assess them.
The approach to the area is along a footpath edged with rengarenga lilies, (Arthropodium cirratum) that flower over the same period as the roses.
The garden has a formal style with a central path leading under a rose covered arch into a sheltered, circular seating area. This area are planted with roses and perennials in soft colours.The plantings includes many of Mrs Steen’s favourite shrubs and perennials that grew in her own garden. The mixing of roses with shrubs, perennials and bulbs creates a country garden style.

Gladstone Rd, Parnell, Auckland.

Parnell Rose garden.

General information:
Publicly owned and managed by the Auckland City Council.Open- Daily during daylight hours.
Entrance fee- None.
The rose bushes will be at their best from late spring to early autumn.

This one of the best gardens to visit in Auckland because of the collection of roses, which are at their best in November. It has a magnificent display of over 4500 mainly modern rose bushes.Laid out in formal beds within the Dove-Myer Robinson Park. The Rose Gardens are enhanced by many mature trees.The Dove-Myer Robinson Park has some wonderful old pohutukawa next to the Nancy Steen Rose Garden).

85 Gladstone Road,Parnell.

Totara Waters Subtropical.

General information:
A privately owned 2 acre property, with capacity for group sizes of 20 plus.
Recommended visit of 1 hour or less.
Best to visit in summer, autumn, winter, spring.

Morning/Afternoon Teas by arrangement.
B&B accommodation in separate fully self contained 1 bedroom flat.
Opening Hours 1st Friday & Saturday of month or by appointment.

Peter and Jocelyn Coyle specialise in growing bromeliads. This Auckland garden, has an informal design and is almost one hectare in size.It is located on the upper Waitemata Harbour, with displays of many rare and collectable plants.
Development of an almost bare site began in 1999 with truck loads of rocks and boulders were delivered from a local quarry. The large sub-tropical plant collection includes specimens from many different genera – Bromeliads , Cycads, Beaucanea, Yuccas, Aloe, Agave, Strelitzia, Dracaena, succulents, cacti and scores of palms. These are planted in beds and on sweeping lawns in a tropical island style. There is also a collection of bonsai, some grown from seed sown 40 years ago.
A feature at Totara Waters are ornaments – old chimney pots and large crucibles as well, sculpture and garden art.
A unique feature is the rusting wreck of HMNZS Hawera, that was abandoned in the early 1950s.

Facilities and amenities available:
Accommodation available in a private one bedroom fully furnished self contained unit with a queen size bed, Sky TV,continental breakfast, and private deck.
Brochure/map available, bus/coach and car parking, seating, toilets, tourguide(s), children welcome, wheelchair access, morning/afternoon teas by arrangement.
Crafts and plant sales.(Landscape & Retail). Including Bromeliads – Alcantarea – imperialis rubra, ‘Vinicolor’, ‘Imperialis Queen’.Neoregelias, ‘Hieroglyphica’, Platynema, ‘Varigata Hybrids’, ‘Red Chestnut’, ‘Dark Knight’, ‘Purple Knight’, ‘Tasman Series’, ‘Pacific Ruby’, ‘Kiwi Sunset’, ‘Kiwi Cream’, ‘Kiwi Dusk’, ‘Nova Queen’, ‘Afterglow’, ‘Philip Foster Red’.Tillandsia,Vrieseas -fosteriana rubra, Aechmea fasciata.

Location & contact:
89 Totara Road
West Auckland.

Twin Lakes garden.

General information:

Opening Hours 9.30am – 4.30pm, all year round.
No children or dogs allowed.
These Auckland gardens are privately owned property with capacity for group sizes of 20 plus.
Appointments required.
Recommended visit of 2 hours.
Best to visit in spring, summer & autumn.

Description: This is one of the best gardens to visit in Auckland, because it shows what private owners can achieve.
Twin Lakes is a large country property with a central feature of a two hectare lake and a prominent house and terraces with a small walkway that leads across to an attractive pavilion.The lakes create an impressive mirrored effect, enhanced by the numerous water birds.
Easy walking and wheelchair access is has been made with a wide grassed area around the main lake.
An array of trees, shrubs, perennials, and bog plants can be observed in mixed beds.
A special feature of this Auckland garden is a fascinating range of exotic birds both in cages and free flying, including Ostrich and Macaw.

Facilities and amenities:
Brochure/map , bus/coach car parking, seating, toilets, tour guide(s) available, picnics allowed,wheelchair access.Lunches and refreshments are available for groups of ten or more by prior arrangement.

83 Sunnyside Road
North Shore City.

From Auckland city drive over the Harbour Bridge north on the motorway to Albany.
Drive through Albany and up the hill (which is now SH17).
At the top of the hill, just past the BP petrol station, turn left into Coatesville-Riverhead Highway (SH28).
Drive 3km down this road to the Coatesville Store (on the right). Sunnyside Road is the next road on the right (about200 metres past the store).
Twin Lakes is number 83, which is on the left.

West Lynn Garden.

General information:
Open 10-4pm daily.
Bookings essential for groups of 10 or more.
The entry fee to this garden, includes visiting the butterfly house.

The garden was established by the Eden Garden Society in 1981 and developed in similar way as Eden Garden by hardworking volunteers.
These Auckland gardens were opened to the public in November 1983.In February 1992 the West Lynn Garden Society was formed and a committee of West Ak volunteers was elected. These Auckland gardens feature a butterfly house, from December through to April hundreds of Monarch buterflies can be seen, developing on swan plants, with lots of eggs, chrysalis and caterpillars.School parties, family groups and individuals are welcome to come and see the butterflies.
You can become a member or volunteer and assist in the continued growth.

Location & contact:
West Lynn Garden Society Inc.
73 Parker Avenue
New Lynn
Waitakere City

Wrights Watergardens.

General information:
A privately owned 5 acre property with capacity for group sizes 20 plus.
Recommended visit of 2 hours.
Best to visit in spring, summer,& autumn.

Opening Hours 10 am – 4.30 pm. 1st Sept – Mothers Day incl.

Description : Wrights Watergardens have been built around the Mauku Waterfall and stream that were an abandoned rock quarry. These Auckland gardens have many levels with pathways,bridges and ponds present many surprises. It is unusual due to a large rock face with abundant water.
More than eighty varieties of waterlilies and exotic lotus flower spread over the ponds during the summer. The plantings include Japanese Iris, Thalia, Pontederia and Hibiscus, bulbs, perennials, trees and annuals. The sun drenched north facing rock wall is ideal for cactus, succulents, Aloe and tropical plants. The shady south facing side provides a good micro climate for orchids, ferns, palms etc. The path at the bottom of the water fall takes you to the shade garden. On a hot day there is quite a contrast of conditions from the upper areas.With tree ferns, Bromeliad, Primula, Astilbe and other shade tolerant plants. Don’t miss the golden garden, the Balinese temple, the large wedding lawn or the summer house when you visit. Look for the eels and turtles.

Facilities and amenities:
Brochure/map available, bus/coach car parking, toilets, tour guide, morning/afternoon teas available,children welcome, dogs welcome if on leash (please pick up after them),picnics allowed,crafts, product & plant sales, wheelchair access.

Location & contact:
128 Mauku Road
50 km South of Auckland City.

On the southern motorway from or to Auckland, take the Drury off ramp onto highway 22. Drive towards Waiuku, approx six km to Glenbrook Road on the right. Once on Glenbrook Road take first left onto Ostrich Road. Follow Ostrich Rd into Patumahoe village. These Auckland gardens are on the right 1.28 km from village on Mauku Road. There are brown transit Wrights Watergarden signs from Highway 22 to find these Auckland gardens.

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